These are just some notes I've typed up on various subjects and topics that I figured I might as well put here. Feel free to read through them if you find anything interesting or useful. If you notice any mistakes, please do let me know.

Food and Nutrition

I am very interested in food and nutrition. I enjoy learning about it a lot, and the things that I learn relating to it tend to stick with me very well, despite my bad memory.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, I am prone to spontaneously providing others with unwarranted dietary advice. People often tell me that I'm rambling or they grow annoyed whenever I talk about food and nutrition, so I am going to write about it here instead.


I generally enjoy studying biology. I can be a bit squeamish at times, but I'm trying to get over that, for the most part. These are all notes on GCSE level biology, unless stated otherwise.

I'll probably add some on (AQA?) A-Level Biology at a later stage.